We create a system for your company‘s success

We use performance management to bring your company forward.

We improve the performance of your company and increase its probability for long-term success.

Your Counterparts

Ihr Ansprechpartner Dr.-Ing. Michael Mayer - MSE GmbH - Management-System-Experts

Dr.-Ing Michael Mayer

Dr. Michael Mayer is the founder and managing director of MSE Inc.

As part of his doctoral thesis, he intensively dealt with performance management systems and high-reliability organizations.

He has been working as a consultant and trainer on this subject for many years.

Ihr Ansprechpartner Dipl.-Ing. Karl Ramler - MSE GmbH - Management-System-Experts

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Ramler

Karl Ramler is deputy managing director of MSE Inc.

Karl Ramler has been working intensively on performance management systems and high-reliability organizations for many years.

In this context, he has already successfully managed and advanced several large organizations.


The partners of MSE can draw on many years of experience gained in top-management functions in industries with high-risk potential. This ensures a strong practical relevance.

Our Service Spectrum

We offer our customers:

Our consulting philosophy

In many cases, companies are aware of the weaknesses that affect their business success. Often, however, the organization is no longer able to eliminate these weaknesses sustainably on its own. The organization goes into the "troubleshooting mode", thus, taking the risk of a progressive performance weakness.

We help you overcome such stagnations before a threatening situation for your company arises.

Apart from conceptual and methodical competences, our focus is mainly on the field of implementation competence. The success of necessary changes in the company depends not only on whether concepts are correct in terms of methodology/business, but particularly also on whether and how these can be implemented together with the workforce.

Our concept of empathic transformation significantly increases the likelihood that necessary changes in the company are accepted and supported by a critical mass of the workforce.

In contrast to classical consulting methods, we prefer a direct contact (face-to-face) with those affected by a change in order to achieve trust, understanding, acceptance and support. We rate this approach as absolutely critical to the sustainable success of changes.

Through our concept of cross-sectoral knowledge transfer, we enable your company to learn directly from highly developed industries.

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