Conception and Implementation of Performance Management Systems

MSE Inc. is specialized on the conception and implementation of holistic performance management systems.

A holistic performance management system (PMS) considers all objectives of an organization in a balanced manner, i.e., it controls all parameters relevant to success.

Besides a theoretically founded methodological knowledge, MSE has a long-standing practical expertise in positions accountable for results, both in the conceptual area and in the area of the sustainable implementation of structural and cultural changes.

A crucial aspect critical for success is the transfer of proven organizational knowledge between different branches.

The essential unique selling propositions of MSE consist

  • in the capability to conceptualize fully integrated management systems as well as
  • in the capability to implement these concepts in the organization in a manner which is sustainable and effective on results.

Our Core Competencies

We possess core competencies both in the conception and the implementation of measures for the improvement of corporate performance.

Thereby we also use cross-industry knowledge transfer.

Grafik Managament Systeme

Conception of Performance Management Systems and Important Partial Aspects

Conception of fully integrated performance management systems controlling all parameters of an organization relevant to success, with the objective

  • to reduce organizational complexity,
  • to maximize the long-term and continuous probability of achieving objectives and
  • to increase the transparency of results.

Conception of subsystems or partly integrated systems, e.g.,

  • quality, occupational safety and environmental management systems,
  • risk management systems,
  • strategic management and
  • knowledge management.
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Grafik Sicherheitskultur

Sustainable Implementation of Improvement Measures for Corporate Performance

Preparation of the organization for change by the means of empathic transformation methods (implementation of a change culture)

Initiation and controlling of implementation projects

Benefit-tracking until the transition into normal operation (routine controlling)

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