Profile picture: Dr.-Ing. Michael Mayer MSE Inc. Management Systems Experts

Michael Mayer was born in 1974 and lives near Munich.

He speaks German, English and Spanish and has basic knowledge in French and Italian.

Michael studied at the Munich University of Technology and at the University of California. In Munich he earned his diploma in electrical engineering and information technology specializing in power engineering.

Moreover, he completed an external PhD work on the topic of "Management Systems for High-Reliability Organizations – Integration and Effectiveness" at the University of Kassel.

Core Competence

Michael Mayer is an expert for integrated management systems and performance management systems. He is particularly interested in strategic management and risk management. The latter he considers to be the framework for every effective management system.

Previous Range of Activities

After his engineering degree Michael worked in the nuclear industry for many years and compiled expert assessments against an international background for government departments.

Beyond that he worked for German power suppliers on international policy and standard issues and organized trainings for the employees.

Since 2004 he has been intensively engaged in integrated management systems and performance management systems. On this topic he works as a consultant and trainer.

Consulting Emphasis

  • Design and implementation of performance management systems (PMS)
  • Development of strategic processes including strategy workshops and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Integration of an efficient risk and opportunity management
  • Design and implementation of integrated management systems (IMS)
  • Support in the derivation of KPIs
  • Development of integrated quantitative and qualitative measurement systems