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Change Management

Change Management supports measures to sustainably increase the performance in your company.

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As a rule, in the case of change projects the main proportion of the resources is consumed in the conceptual phase.

In the implementation phase, on the one hand, the management attention decreases (shifting the activities to lower management levels). On the other hand, the effort necessary to implement change issues throughout the entire organization is often underestimated.

In particular, it is important to adapt behaviors and corporate cultures to the new framework conditions.

Essential characteristics of a successful change

Implementation of a change culture

First of all, the organization must be prepared for the changes. In doing so, a critical mass of the workforce has to be transformed into promoters of change. To achieve this, we use empathic transformation methods. In particular, the following two points apply:

  • Creating a content-related understanding of the changes
  • Creating acceptance for the need for change

These activities need to be driven primarily by face-to-face communication. By this type of communication, trust is built as a basis for a positive change culture.

Implementation projects

As soon as the prerequisites for the change are created in a way that the majority of the employees supports the changes, the actual change projects can begin. The following three steps are particularly important:

  • Transfer of the strategic objectives into operational measures
  • Implementation and control of the measures through project organizations
  • Project measurement/project progress control

Benefit tracking

Until the transition into regular operations has been completed, a benefit tracking must be carried out, which consists of the following two points:

  • Tracking whether the changes made deliver the expected results
  • Readjusting until the results are sustainably achieved

Only when the objectives of the change are sustainably achieved, the transition to a routine controlling can take place.

Implementation of a change management system within your organization

MSE can rely on proven methods and many years of experience in implementing successful change projects.

First, we capture and assess the existing corporate culture with respect to the willingness for change. On this basis, we develop an approach to sustainably realize the planned changes and moderate appropriate workshops.

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