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Indicator Systems

With indicators, you create the basis for an optimal company management – according to the motto: What is not measured cannot be controlled.

Mit Kennzahlen schaffen Sie die Basis für eine umfassende operative Unternehmenssteuerung – gem. d. Motto: Was nicht gemessen wird, kann nicht gesteuert werden.

By measuring variables in all relevant fields within and outside your organization and comparing the values measured with target variables, deviations can be systematically identified. This allows to derive effective control measures.

Indicators make it possible to recognize deviations at an early stage and to support the target achievement with appropriate corrective measures. Timely corrective measures also reduce the impact of aberrations.

A complete and effective indicator system is the basis for successful controlling and reporting.

Characteristics of indicators

In principle, we distinguish between the following structural features:

  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • Strategic (change-related) and operative (diagnostic) indicators
  • Singular indicators and aggregated indicators
  • Future-oriented and past-related indicators

We put emphasis on a complete set of indicators, considering the following dimensions:

  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Resources
  • Environment

The indicators that are decisive for the success of the company, also referred to as key performance indicators or KPIs, are derived from the general indicator set via an interdependency logic. Sometimes KPIs represent an aggregation of several individual subindicators.

The indicators provide a great deal of information for closing the PDCA cycles and are, thus, an essential prerequisite for a learning organization and for the continuous improvement of corporate performance.

Development and implementation of an indicator system within your organization

Jointly with the management, we first define the objectives to be pursued with the indicator system. Thereby, a distinction can be made between a complete company control system and subsystems for controlling specific topics.

We then determine which indicators are already used in your organization. On this basis, we analyze whether the existing control variables are effective and which indicators are still missing for comprehensive control.

We create a definition for each indicator and define its control relevance. If necessary, we link basic indicators to aggregated control information.

In addition, we also provide the functional specification for the IT-supported implementation of your indicator system, if requested.

Gladly we also support you in the transformation of such a system into your organization to ensure extensive use.

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