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Knowledge Management/Cross-Sectoral Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge management ensures the sustainable availability of the required knowledge at the right places to achieve the business objectives as well as its continuous adaptation to new demands, both in the external and internal environment.

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A comprehensive approach to knowledge management is an essential prerequisite for the generation of a learning organization. By the means of a systematic knowledge transfer we ensure that the entire relevant knowledge base is made accessible to your company.

Knowledge acquisition and learning organization

For the acquisition of knowledge we use internal as well as external inputs. For this purpose, we particularly implement experience feedback systems.

Knowledge acquisition from internal sources

The acquisition of knowledge from internal sources is based on the analysis of errors and faults (learning from internal incidents).

Fault and deviation analysis

In order to systematically acquire knowledge from internal sources, we use findings from debriefing and various methods of root-cause analysis, such as:

  • Error analysis
  • Technical-fault analysis
  • MTO (human-technology-organization) analysis
  • SOL (safety-by-organizational-learning) analysis

The internal acquisition of knowledge ensures that repeating errors is largely avoided by the systematic evaluation of the error causes and the implementation of corresponding improvement measures.

Knowledge acquisition from external sources

The acquisition of knowledge from external sources is based on the collection and analysis of relevant information from outside the organization.

Learning from individual incidents

In order to enable organizational learning from external individual incidents, incidents in comparable organizations are captured systematically and evaluated by a relevance analysis in order to check the transferability of the additional insights.

Transfer of methodological knowledge

By learning the methodological knowledge of others the entire knowledge base relevant to your organization can be made accessible. In this respect, the cross-industry knowledge transfer is of particular importance since it is also an essential part of a learning organization.

Up to now the cross-industry knowledge transfer has barely been systematically developed and offers great potential. We support you in transferring best practices from leading industries systematically and demand-oriented into your organization.

Observing the regulatory environment

In order to address the requirements resulting from applicable law or legislative changes, we carry out a legislative monitoring. To this purpose we create a register of regulations and apply methods of compliance management.

The external acquisition of knowledge uses all suitable findings that are available or newly arise outside the organization in order to transform your company into a learning organization.

Knowledge dissemination

In order to disseminate the knowledge generated from internal and external sources to the process participants concerned, primarily two channels can be used:

Media knowledge transfer

Potential media are the intranet and social media.

Verbal knowledge transfer

Potential methods are education and training.

Systematic and comprehensive knowledge transfer ensures that relevant knowledge reaches the right positions and the staff is sufficiently competent for the tasks to be accomplished. In this respect we support you with our educational and training offer.

Implementation of a knowledge management system within your organization

First we define together with you the target state of the knowledge management adapted to your business purpose and formulate the knowledge objectives.

Subsequently, we analyze the current state of the knowledge management already existing within your organization and conduct a gap analysis. In the final step we determine measures to approach the target state.

Optionally, we accompany you in implementing the theoretical approaches with practically proven methods of change management (empathic transformation). If desired, we check the effectiveness of the applied measures until the target state is reached.

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