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Performance Management

Performance management ensures that all parameters relevant to the success of your company are controlled. This means that all important objectives can be achieved consistently in a balanced manner over the long run.

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With a holistic performance management system, the conduct of specific management systems is no longer required. However, isolated consideration at subsystem level can be necessary for requirements from the external environment, such as for certification according to ISO.

By means of an integrated system organizational interfaces are eliminated, which results in a reduction of the organization complexity and an increase in its transparency.

A performance management system takes effect on the entire organization, i.e., it not only represents a managerial tool but also has an impact on the execution levels.

This helps to ensure that every employee can recognize and make his or her contribution necessary to the company’s success.

Design of a Performance Management System (PMS)

All activities for the sustainable achievement of the business objectives are carried out on the basis of closed PDCA loops.

Closed means that all plans are monitored with regard to their implementation, and countermeasures are initiated in the case of deviations from planning. This corresponds to the requirements of a continuous improvement process or a learning organization.

For a specific customer solution preconceived textbook models can not be used, but the special framework conditions of the respective customer must be considered.

For an effective performance management PDCA cycles must be installed at different levels of the organization. This ensures that the control system is effective for all organizational levels.

By systematically applying the PDCA logic, your company becomes a learning organization.

Implementation of a performance management system in your organization

Initially, together with the company management, we define the target state of the performance management system or of the specific management systems in your organization.

A basic review is then carried out to record the actual situation.

In the third step, we define measures for approaching the target state of the performance management system or the specific management systems considered.

We support the PMS implementation or the introduction of subsystems in your company by a change management based on empathic transformation methods. The method of empathic transformation rests upon a proven practice-oriented application.

Optionally, we support you in implementing the planned measures and controlling the effectiveness.

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