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Quality Management

The quality management (QM) serves to control all parameters relevant to the quality of your products and services.

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Contrary to quality assurance or quality control, quality management aims at controlling quality comprehensively from the beginning by formulating objectives and designing processes – from the development process to the control of non-compliant results.

With a quality management system (QMS), all provisions and measures that are important for the quality and conformity of products and services are planned and controlled, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

We consider the QMS as an integral part of a performance management system (PMS). ISO 9001 also underlines this with its latest revision by placing the emphasis on process management and on the requirements for strategic management as well as risk management. In addition, for the first time ISO 9001 also requires the introduction of performance indicators.

In the conception and implementation of a quality management system, we establish conformity with the new ISO 9001 standard.

Quality management system (QMS)

We support you in the design, implementation or advancement of your QMS as needed, taking into account already existing elements.

First we define and document

  • the quality policy,
  • the quality requirements and
  • the quality objectives

for your organization. On that basis we model your core and support processes. Depending on the already available documentation of your processes, we design them from scratch or refine your existing processes on the basis of a process analysis, if necessary.

Thereby, particular attention is paid to the fact that the following aspects are taken into account in the individual process steps:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Cycle time

In order to measure the quality of the results and important process steps, we determine indicators for the individual processes and important process steps with you.

Thereby, we ensure that deviations in quality and efficiency are already detected at the source of their development.

In order to create a quality management system, we model important system processes, as for example:

  • Audit
  • Management review

When designing your QMS, we ensure that the PDCA cycle or Deming circuit is closed at all levels. In addition to process optimization, we also ensure the continuous improvement of your entire quality management system. In this way, your company becomes a learning organization.

According to our comprehensive approach, which considers the quality management system as a subsystem of a performance management system, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Process management, process approach
  • Risk management, risk-based thinking
  • Strategic management
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)

Implementation of a quality management system within your organization

First, we carry out a basic analysis in order to determine the current state of your quality management. If required, we define the quality policy and formulate quality objectives together with you.

In the next step, we jointly define the target state of your quality management system. Based upon this, we derive measures to approach the target state.

Optionally, we accompany you during the implementation of the measures and assess their effectiveness. If required, we integrate your quality management system with your occupational health and safety management system and/or your environmental management system.

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