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Safety Management

A safety management system allows the control of all parameters that are essential to achieve the safety objectives of an organization. A safety management system thereby comprises all fields of safety relevant to a company.

With an elaborate safety concept and a healthy safety culture you protect your organization from serious events.

Generating and maintaining an adequate safety culture is part of an effective safety management system.

Within the entire spectrum of "safety" we offer specific services in the following fields:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Plant safety
  • Work safety

In our approach to cross-industry knowledge transfer we also use findings from advanced industries. Our concept for the design and implementation of a safety management system is of particular relevance to the types of organizations with a high risk potential.

Dimensions of safety

In order to generate, maintain and improve a high safety performance, three dimensions have to be taken into account, the integral consideration of which allows the realization of an effective defense-in-depth concept.

Technical safety

In particular, technical safety includes the following aspects:

  • Component reliability
  • Safety design
  • Redundancy, Diversity and Dissimilarity
  • Fail-safe concept
  • Single-failure concept

Taking these aspects into account ensures that the technical facilities have high- reliability features.

Organizational safety

Organizational safety is primarily based on the following aspects:

  • Barrier concept for processes
  • Closing of the PDCA cycle at all levels
  • Safety through organizational learning

By using the multiple opportunities to embed safety within the organization, a high degree of organizational resilience can be generated in your company.

Human reliability, safety culture

Human reliability in particular consists of the following aspects:

  • Safety awareness
  • Critical basic attitude
  • Safe decision making
  • Safe communication

By improving your safety culture and training your staff in the methods of the human-performance optimization, the contribution of human error to the overall risk in your organization can be significantly reduced.

Implementation of a safety management system within your organization

When introducing or improving a safety management system within your organization, we first define the target specification of the safety performance:

  • Structural shaping of the safety management
  • Quantitative target settings of the safety performance

In the second step, a basic analysis captures the current situation in your company and identifies the gaps between current and target state.

In the third step, we define measures for approaching the target state of the safety performance.

Optionally, we support you in implementing these measures and check their effectiveness.

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