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Strategic Management

Strategic management ensures that the fundamental objectives of your organization are achieved consistently and in the long term, also in the case of changing environmental conditions.

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The essential aim is to align your organization in the light of own strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats towards sustainable success. Since this is of paramount importance to corporate success, for the first time strategic management is taken into account in the new ISO 9001 on quality management.

The strategy development serves to integrate the strategic management into your organization.

Strategy development and strategy implementation

With strategy development the optimal strategic objectives for your company are derived. The strategy development process comprises the strategic analysis and the strategic planning. Subsequently, initiatives that support the implementation of the strategy are defined.

1. Strategic analysis

With the strategic analysis the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats are analyzed systematically. The potential changes in the environment are thereby evaluated probabilistically in order to make the best use of opportunities and minimize the risks simultaneously.

In line with your business purpose the following analysis methods can be employed:

  • Trend analysis, scenario analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Upon completion of the strategic analysis it becomes obvious which strategic business areas have the greatest potential for your organization and which strategic approaches are applicable for you.

2. Strategic planning

The strategic planning or strategy development is used to identify areas of activity and to formulate strategic objectives. The strategy development, in particular, comprises the following components:

  • Determination or review of the vision, mission and the mission statement
  • Review and development of the strategic business areas (SBA)
  • Review and development of the business model
  • Formulation of the strategic objectives

The strategic planning results in the formulation of the strategic objectives, which are most important for the success of your organization.

3. Strategy implementation

The strategy implementation phase primarily deals with the operationalization of the strategic objectives. For this purpose, in particular, the following methods and tools are used:

  • Transfer of the strategic objectives into the balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Definition of the key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Definition of the strategic projects and measures
  • Communication of the strategy
  • Strategic controlling

For the strategy implementation proven methods and management tools are used until the desired target state is reached.

Implementation of a strategic management system within your organization

When implementing the strategic management within your company we first carry out a basic analysis to identify the degree of maturity of the strategic management already existing in your organization. Based on that we define the specification of the strategic concept focused on your company purpose.

Finally we execute with you the strategic process based on the defined strategic concept. To that end we conduct strategy workshops with the management levels concerned. Optionally, we also assist you in the strategic controlling.

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