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Briefing, Debriefing

Pre Job Briefing (PJB) and Job Debriefing (JOB) are standardized, structured meetings with the relevant employees, which are carried out immediately before or after the execution of certain jobs.

The aim of the pre-job briefing is to summarize the essentials of a work / partial work step, in order to convey to all participants the current state, to identify risks, to integrate experience feedback from past activities, to discuss safety-relevant arrangements and measures and to react to concerns.

Pre-job Briefing is particularly useful when dealing with increased risks and complexity.

The aim of job debriefing is to gain from the workflow insights and improvements for future work. Abnormalities, deviations and near-events are documented, analyzed and evaluated, as well as measures against the repetition of deviations or events are defined and implemented.

Consistent use of this method improves the quality results of operations and increases the safety level.

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