Design of a Performance Management System

A performance management system is a highly integrated management system that controls all parameters of an enterprise relevant to success regarding the fulfillment of external and internal requirements.

Key features are:

  • Multidimensional integration
    • Integration of management subsystems
    • Integration of all organizational layers
    • Integration of the dimensions human/technology/organization
  • Probability-based approach
    • Probabilistic methods
    • Risk and opportunity management
  • Strategic component
    • SWOT analysis
    • Balanced scorecard
    • Strategic projects
  • Aspects of knowledge management
    • Intra-corporate/intra-industry/cross-industry
    • Systematic experience feedback – internal and external
  • Decision-based approach
    • Systematic procedure in planning and identifying deviations
    • Integral consideration of all objectives
  • Enhancement of consistency, reduction and mastery of complexity
    • Avoidance of system overlaps/reduction of redundancies
    • Insurance of the consistency of target and measurement systems

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